The International Musik House


About Studio & Salon Reservations スタジオ/サロン予約について 

Studio A, B, D (With Piano ピアノ込み) 30min 1,300yen、1hr 2,500yen 税別(+Tax)
Studio C ( No Piano ピアノなし) 30min     600yen、1hr 1,000yen Electric Piano 100yen 税別(+Tax)

Salon Saturday/Sunday/Holiday 土日祝限定

*Weekday Practice 9am-2pm  (If accepted)


1hr10,000yen  /Rehearsal 1hr 5,000yen 税別(+Tax)(2hr~お受けいたします.

1 hr 3,000 yen 税別(+Tax)


サロンの予約:基本土日・祝日のみ、当方のイベントなどに使っていない日をご案内して、小規模コンサート、発表会、リハーサル、オーディション用の録音、室内楽の合わせ等こちらの承認が得られたイベントのみお受けいたしております。平日のランチタイムコンサート等は内容によりご相談可です。平日午前中、夕方等の練習でのご使用をご希望の場合はご相談ください。Salon Rental: Saturday/Sunday/Holidays Only .  We rent out Salon for dates when not used for school events / lessons. Open dates will be announced by request. Small Concert, Student Recital , Rehearsals, Recordings, etc. Please send an inquiry to get confirmed about dates, event content, instruments .  Lunch Time Concerts during the week are possible. Practice 9am - 2pm during the week can be accepted depending on the use. 

サロンについてはサロン利用規約をお読みください。     pdf サロン利用規約1.pdf (0.13MB)      

 Salon Reservationサロン予約こちらから➡ 


スタジオの予約:レッスンの入っていない時間帯に練習・合わせなどにお使いいただけます。Studio: You can rent studios anytime when it is vacant. 

Studio Reservationスタジオ予約こちらから▶️ 




Please go to "Studio Rental Casher" and choose Studio and length of use and make a payment online. (By Paypal or Credit Card)




Please check on the date/time of vacancy before you make a reservation. You cannot rental the room without reservation. 

予約時に、利用者の氏名・電話番号・利用人数・お持込楽器を確認させていただきます。It is required to declaare the number of people and instruments to bring along with your name and phone number when you make a reservation.

○スタジオレンタルの利用時間は、1時間以上30分単位でご利用いただけます。You can use studios 1hour minimum and 30min/unit after that. 


If the next slot is open you can extend the reservation on the day.

【キャンセルについて】Cancelation Policy


Cancelation Charge will be applied: 50% from 3days before and 100% on the day and the day before the reservation date. 



Please make a payment using web casher with Pypal /creditcard before the reservation date. 

教材:ピアノ以外の楽器の貸し出しはいたしておりません。Piano is the only instrument we rent.


No bear feet/outside shoes allowed inside studios and salon. Please bring your socks or inside shoes.


We may ask you to leave if you are causing problems effecting other customers. We do not return the payment if that is the case.

常設機材のアンプ・譜面台・足台, 三脚、コード等は無料となります。

Score stand, Foot rest, Guitar Amplifier, phone/camera stand etc.


Eating/drinking inside studios are prohibited. (Fulid inside bottle with lid is allowed.(Please do not put it on piano.) ) Inside waiting room you can eat/drink but please take your trash home.


Please return the things to its original position if you moved.


If you do not show up for 15minutes the reservation will be canceled.